Kaz's bit

Mike says:

Younger than the old bloke playing guitar, Kaz was discovered by said old bloke when she was singing in her kitchen. After learning a few songs and a certain amount of cajolement, she took to the stage for the first time and since then has never looked back, which is why she keeps tripping over drum kits.

Since her first faltering steps, she has now joined up with aging rockers The Lightning, for whom Mike is the bass player.

Kaz says:

HA! this is where I get my say! Having known Mike for more years than I care to remember,he found out I sang....in the kitchen, in the bathroom, at bus stops, in fact anywhere except a stage. SO after a bit of cajoling and a few weeks of trying to learn words to three songs, I hit the stage at The Roadhouse and for the first time the outside world heard me sing.... and I LOVE it!!!! Doing the Tamworth gig was amazing and I'm looking forward to next year.....and some photos that will not show the double chin!

Kaz at Tamworth